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SIS Extends US Reach Of Its Esports Products Through Genius Sports

Updated: Apr 4

SIS Extends US Reach Of Its Esports Products Through Genius Sports
SIS Extends US Reach Of Its Esports Products Through Genius Sports

SIS (Sports Information Services), a leading provider of 24/7 live betting services, has bolstered its collaboration with global sports technology provider Genius Sports to extend the reach of its esports products in the US market.

The updated partnership allows Genius Sports to broaden its distribution of SIS’ H2H Global Gaming League game portfolio, comprising over 150,000 annual matches, across its extensive US sportsbook network. This expansion aims to significantly enhance the audience base for the sports simulation product.

Already operational in New Jersey, Colorado, and Kentucky, SIS’ esports products cater to sportsbooks, offering regular short-form esoccer and ebasketball contests among professional gamers.

Produced in-house from SIS’ UK studios, the highly competitive matchups feature ultra-low latency live streaming, live caster commentary, and on-screen graphics with unique betting prompts to boost engagement. Notably, SIS esports maintains integrity by being accredited by ESIC, with trained referees overseeing every match.

Genius Sports, renowned for its official sports data and technology solutions, serves sportsbooks and lotteries globally, offering data, odds, streaming, trading, and marketing solutions.

Michele Fischer, Vice President at SIS Content Services, expressed confidence in the partnership, stating: “Strengthening our partnership with Genius Sports supports our US strategy for widespread distribution of our esports products across all states.

Our esoccer and ebasketball products have a clear track record of adding significant value to the bottom line of operators, and we are sure US-focused brands will benefit greatly from having our content within their portfolios.”

Matt Stephenson, Global Partnership Director at Genius Sports, highlighted the appeal of SIS’ Competitive Gaming product in the US market, stating: “We have been delighted to integrate such an innovative product into our offering. By providing this margin-increasing content to our US partners, we are continuing to deliver the widest array of wagering opportunities.”

This partnership underscores the growing importance of esports in the US betting landscape and highlights the commitment of both SIS and Genius Sports to meeting the evolving needs of operators and players in this dynamic market.



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