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SPRIBE Releases Keno80: A Multiplayer, High-Win Potential Keno Thriller

SPRIBE Releases Keno80: A Multiplayer, High-Win Potential Keno Thriller
SPRIBE Releases Keno80: A Multiplayer, High-Win Potential Keno Thriller

Developer behind Aviator introduces an action-packed keno title with engaging gameplay and social interaction.

SPRIBE, renowned for the world's leading crash game, Aviator, ventures into another popular game vertical with the launch of Keno80. This isn't just any keno title; SPRIBE has infused it with its magic touch, promising an extraordinary gaming experience.

"Keno80 has been designed to be super easy to play, especially on mobile. It's a multiplayer game of probability offering players the chance to win big – up to 10,000x their stake,"

explained Giorgi Tsutskiridze, CCO at SPRIBE. "We have taken the original game format and given it the SPRIBE touch, making it multiplayer, social, and loaded with big win potential."

In Keno80, players embark on a thrilling journey of guessing the drawn numbers in each round. The game features two exciting player modes – Classic and Last Ball. In Classic mode, players choose different numbers, aiming for a precise match with the drawn numbers.

Last Ball mode challenges players to guess the numbers drawn last, with the win ratio estimated from the successfully guessed numbers during the entire game round.

True to its name, Keno80 involves 80 balls in play, and players must select up to 10 per game round or the last number to be drawn. Subsequently, 20 numbers are drawn per game round, offering ample opportunities for big wins.

Adding to the excitement and social aspect, Keno80 includes live statistics showcasing the biggest daily, monthly, and all-time wins on a dynamic leaderboard that updates in real-time. To further promote the game, operators have access to a promotions toolbox featuring Free Bets, attracting both new and existing players.

Giorgi Tsutskiridze emphasized, "Games like keno are also becoming more popular, and we believe that Keno80 sets the standard for others to follow. We look forward to seeing our operator partners add it to their game lobbies, and for players to have a go at correctly guessing the numbers drawn. Guess right, and a massive win is on the cards."

As SPRIBE continues to diversify its content beyond the immensely popular Aviator, Keno80 emerges as a strong addition to its portfolio, setting a new standard for online casino game lobbies.



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