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Uncover Majestic Rewards In Playson's Crown and Diamonds: Hold And Win Slot

Playson's Crown and Diamonds

Playson introduces its latest 'Royal' series release, Crown and Diamonds: Hold and Win, featuring a captivating Royal Bonus feature.

Playson, a rapidly growing digital entertainment provider, invites players to indulge in a world of opulence and splendor with Crown and Diamonds: Hold and Win.

Draped in the opulent hues of sapphire blue gemstones and the rich velvety reds reminiscent of regal luxury, this 3x3 slot game transports players into an immersive realm of royal entertainment.

Central to this latest hit title is the Royal Bonus symbol, which triggers an exhilarating Royal Bonus feature during the Bonus Game. These symbols gather all visible values of the diamond Bonus symbols gracing the reels, and subsequently add these values to their personal total. This includes in-game jackpots, with the Grand Jackpot boasting a potential reward of up to 1,000 times a player's bet.

The classic Bonus Game has received a revitalizing touch, exclusively featuring Bonus and Royal Bonus symbols on the reels.

At the commencement of the game, players are granted three re-spins, with each new symbol resetting the re-spin count to three. Upon completion of this round, the accumulated values amalgamate with the incorporated Royal Bonus icons. Additionally, the Diamond Pile feature introduces an exciting element – any Bonus symbol visible on the reels during the base game holds the potential to trigger this engaging feature.

Tamas Kusztos, Chief Commercial Officer at Playson, expressed his excitement, stating, "We're thrilled to invite players to immerse themselves in the world of Crown and Diamonds: Hold and Win. This game effortlessly combines classic slot elements with innovative additions, adding further depth to Playson's portfolio of slot games and serving as an exceptional addition to our captivating Hold and Win series."

Anton Ivannikov, Product Owner at Playson, highlighted the essence of Crown and Diamonds, "Within Crown and Diamonds, we have curated an experience that beckons players to revel in the allure of royalty and brilliance. With a captivating Bonus Game at its core and an array of features, Crown and Diamonds promises a lavish gaming escapade unlike any other."

Playson continues to redefine the gaming landscape with its innovative titles, pushing the boundaries of entertainment and engagement for players worldwide.



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