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ZED RUN Revolutionizes Online Wagering With Blockchain-Based Horse Racing Channel

ZED RUN Revolutionizes Online Wagering With Blockchain-Based Horse Racing Channel

ZED RUN, the groundbreaking blockchain-based virtual horse racing platform, renowned for its 4 million user-generated races and 50,000 virtual stable owners contributing over USD $250M to its ecosystem, is set to reshape the digital sports landscape.

This time, it's through the launch of an innovative sports wagering channel, inviting operators globally to join in this monumental advancement.

ZED RUN's new channel represents a significant leap forward in the realm of online wagering. In collaboration with operators in North America and other regulated markets, this pioneering venture enables customers to place bets on thrilling digital horse races, adding a layer of excitement to the platform's existing offerings.

At the core of this initiative lies ZED RUN's cutting-edge platform, empowering horse racing enthusiasts to not only own but also race their digital racehorses. This unique experience is elevated with the ability to wager on race outcomes, delivering an immersive sports-wagering encounter. Blockchain technology ensures transparency, security, and user-centricity, placing users right in the heart of the action.

Operators partnering with ZED RUN gain access to an extensive pool of 4,000 to 20,000 user-generated races daily, enhancing their wagering offerings significantly. These races are data-driven, allowing players to analyze a racehorse's lineage, DNA, and past performance, aiding strategic betting decisions.

This data-rich approach sets a new standard in the North American sports betting market, offering API data feeds, 3D video streams, and probability data to optimize customer service.

This isn't merely a product launch; it's a paradigm shift. ZED RUN's venture aims to redefine online digital sports wagering, positioning the platform at the forefront of web3 technology.

This initiative beckons operators in North America and regulated markets to pioneer this industry change, providing their players with access to the next evolution of online sports wagering.

Rob Salha, Co-Founder of ZED RUN, expressed the excitement: "The launch of our new channel is a testament to ZED RUN's commitment to innovation. We're introducing a new era of horse racing in North America, free from restrictions, chance, or location.

Teaming up with operators in regulated markets allows us to shape the future of sports wagering together. It's an exhilarating opportunity to lead this industry transformation."

Disclaimer: Wagering availability may vary by region.



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